The Talos Principle – Game Review

The Talos Principle

Puzzles and an existential crisis!

Developed by Croteam, most notably known for their work on the Serious Sam series, The Talos Principle is a first person puzzle game for the PS4 and computer released in 2014. You play as a robot who solves these puzzles to try and figure out why you exist.

  • Gameplay: You are required to use your critical thinking skills to solve each puzzle by using items found in each area. Items vary from using boxes to activate switches or using wind turbines to jump over obstacles. As you solve each puzzle you receive a tetris piece which you use to unlock new areas. Also, as you solve puzzles you use terminals to ask questions about where you are and who you are to progress through the story.
  • Graphics: The game has an amazing realistic art style that brings out the detail in each puzzle. Each level is bright and vibrant with varying themes such as Egyptian and medieval.
  • Sound: Most of the noises are ambient sounds or background noise like insects and birds. The music that does play is ominous yet inviting which makes the world a more mysterious place to be in.

Overall, The Talos Principle is a complex puzzle game with an even more complex story. Every puzzle feels unique and always gives that sense of gratification when beat. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a good and challenging puzzle experience. You can purchase the game for the PS4 or download it through Steam.

I give The Talos Principle a 9/10.