Terraria – Game Review

2D Action Survival Terraria

Minecraft in 2D

Created by Re-Logic in 2011, Terraria is a 2D action survival game, which can be played solo or with friends through multiplayer. It is about building your fortress and finding the next great item!

  • Gameplay: Terraria is a game that revolves around combat and building your own fortress to survive the world as you travel through it to find new areas which are called the biomes. Each biome has its own distinct features such as a forest or a castle or the underground. Your main goal of Terraria is to find and discover these new biomes and to discover their secrets. Each biome has its own unique armor and weapons you can discover. Unlike similar games, such as Minecraft, Terraria has an “ending” where there is a final boss to the game. However you are able to continue playing but does not introduce anything new to the game.
  • Graphics: Terraria has the aesthetics of a 16-bit game. Each biome has a very distinct look that gives the whole world a lot of character and makes the world feel more alive. Weapons, spells, and armor all have varied looks to please any kind of player.
  • Sound: The music is unique for each individual biome and enemy you face. This allows you to instantly recognize where you are and who you’re fighting before you even see them on screen.

Overall, take caution when playing Terraria, it is very easy to sink many hours into this diverse game. The game will always have replayability with new ways of playing solo or with friends. You can check out the game for PC on Steam.