Ori and the Blind Forest – Game Review

Beautiful environments and heart warming story

Ori and the Blind Forest is an adventure platformer created in 2015 by Moon Studios. Moon Studios also released the Definitive edition in 2016 which added more content like new abilities and hidden areas. You play as Ori, a spirit who lost her home when the life tree lost its light and the forest died. It is now up to you to restore the light and bring the forest back to life.

  • Gameplay: The game is a fast paced platformer that keeps you on your toes with a variety of enemies and tight controls. Enemies respond instantly when you attack or get near them which makes you learn to dodge effectively. You learn the story through ominous dialog as you explore to each elemental area.
Story told through ominous dialog.
  • Graphics: Everything about the graphics are incredible. The background, particle effects, character design, all have a unique style unlike any other.
The beautiful environment
  • Sound: I could listen to the music all day, its soothing and makes you feel at home while listening to it. Sound effects are intense, your attacks sound strong and environmental sounds are powerful.

Overall, Ori and the Blind Forest is a damn good game. To be honest, in my first playthrough I expected to play a couple hours but ended beating it in one sitting which took me about 8 hours. The story is enticing, the exploration is engaging, and the story gives you feels for days. I can’t recommend this game enough, its a ton of fun and its worth ever penny!

I give Ori and the Blind Forest a 10/10.