Nioh – Game Review

Nioh Japan Action RPG Samuri

Dark souls in Japan

Nioh is an action RPG set in 15th and 16th century Japan. You play as William as he travels to Japan to save what he lost.

  • Gameplay: Fast paced gameplay with tight controls requiring constant attention to dodge and attack enemies. The game’s brutal single difficulty makes the game challenging for anyone who wants a casual experience, however, offers great accomplishment at every boss defeat.
  • Graphics: Visually impressive with fluid character animations and atmospheric environments. Each level has its own unique dark theme that shows your transition throughout the world.
  • Sound: Dark foreboding music mixed with an old traditional Japanese style makes an interesting combination.

In conclusion, Nioh is a hard and satisfying game for anyone who wants a fun and exciting challenge while beating the crap out of Japanese demons. You can purchase the game here.

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