Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Will the Nintendo Switch be successful?

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console that will be released March 3rd 2017. Its big selling point is the portability of the system much like a PS Vita or a Nintendo 3DS. The system is playable on a docking station that will charge and put the screen on to your television screen that will run at 900p at 60 fps, but has the power to run at 720p at 30 fps while off the docking station. This would allow for you to play a powerful next gen console anywhere on the go. Of course, this doesn’t come without some downsides.

While playing off the dock, Nintendo has stated that the Switch will be usable for up to 6 hours. Specifically for the launch title, Zelda the Breath of the Wild, it will last approximately 3 hours. This gives us an idea of how the battery longevity is in use compared to not running anything. To give some perspective the newest 3DS model battery life is around 3-7.5 hours while playing 3DS games depending on if the 3d is enabled or not. Depending on how often you plan on playing your games this could create problems. For local travel or events this is not much of a problem but for traveling longer it starts becoming harder to use without a portable charger. So the battery life is good but the greatest in the world; however, what about the games?

Nintendo Switch will have ten launch titles that will release on the day. The two big ones will be 1-2 Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Starting with 1-2 Switch, this is a two player game that uses the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers attached to the system. Each player has a controller and does some action the game calls out, you can see the gameplay here on the official Nintendo Youtube channel. 1-2 Switch is meant to show off how the Joy-Cons work and a start to how multiplayer games can be created with the system. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s trump card in games for the Switch. The Zelda series is one of Nintendo’s staple games and the last major console Zelda game was released in 2011! So you can see how many fans are excited. With its fascinating graphics and open world environment the new Zelda game will show the power the console is capable of. You can see gameplay here at the official Nintendo Youtube channel.

With all that said, will the Nintendo Switch be successful? Before I answer that I want to define what I mean by successful. Success can be measured in several ways, such as, the company made a profit, if the console was well received from consumers, and so on. The measure of success will be about how well the console will be received as a whole; based on the launch titles, announced future games, and what the system can offer in terms of portability and power.

I believe the console will be very successful throughout its lifespan. This is because not only are the release titles and near future titles already being well received, the amount of 3rd party developers is staggering. So far there have been over 50 different partners that have announced development of games for the system! This gives the consumer more of a reason to consider purchasing the system early. Even with the possible issues that may arise with the reduced battery life I predict people will figure out ways to easily charge anywhere. I personally plan on purchasing a Nintendo Switch when I can. I have high hopes for the Nintendo Switch and I believe it will bring Nintendo back to the forefront of gaming with Sony and Microsoft.

You can purchase a Nintendo Switch here.

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