Has the best “next gen” console been decided?

Console Wars 2017

Which console is the best?

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have all finally released their next gen consoles. Awesome! So, which console is the best console to own? Is there a way to determine that one console is better than the other? Does it matter that there is a “best” console? Let’s go through each console and see.

Nintendo – Switch

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Gamepad

The Nintendo Switch was released March 3, 2017. This makes the Switch the newest out of all the current “next gen” consoles. Its biggest selling point is that the console is portable just like a handheld, this makes it the most unique out of all the other consoles. However, with it being the newest it also has the least amount of games and additional software. Some of the software that are not included yet are a web browser and video streaming service, so currently you can only play games. Many of the games available have an emphasis on multiplayer, which makes it a great choice if you want to play with friends. Additionally, Even though the release titles are few, many games have already been announced from 3rd party developers, which means there will be plenty more games than just regular Nintendo type of games.

Microsoft – Xbox One

Xbox One Console
Xbox One Console

The Xbox One was released November 22, 2013. Xbox one has not been doing very well the last couple years. The console is has been struggling to sell because it doesn’t have anything special to offer. One of the big initial selling points is that it is integrated with your television. This means you can use your system to watch television and play games at the time on one screen. Additionally, exclusives are also few and far between. Not many exclusives have been made for the console except for some of the major titles like Halo and Gears of War, other than that any games you can get on the Xbox one you could get on the PC or PS4. The Xbox One does have backwards compatibility for Xbox 360, however it is limited to certain games. One last issue, is that Microsoft is making their games now available to play on the PC, which includes exclusives as well. This means if you have a PC you can play any Xbox One games on your PC, without even owning a Xbox One.

Sony – Playstation 4

Playstation 4 Console
Playstation 4 Console

The PS4 was released November 15, 2013. So far sales wise, the PS4 has been the most successful. The PS4 is considered the most powerful out of the other two consoles, especially with the new PS4 pro. The PS4 has also released its own PS Virtual Reality headset, the VR headset is still fairly new so there are only a few games, but the catalog is steadily growing. This is a nice perk if you are interested in VR headsets but don’t have a high end PC to run it, however, the headset only is $399. This may be too steep for some, however, all things considered a PS4 and a VR headset is the same amount as an HTC Vive by itself. Along with all this, The PS4 also has the most amount of exclusives and overall games. A downside though is if you are interested in playing online you now have to pay a monthly fee to play your games online with other players but is not needed for any of the other PS4 services.


Each console has their own pros and cons that make it more appealing to different people. Currently the overall of each console go as follows.

  • The Switch has the greatest potential.
  • The Xbox One is okay but only if you want to play Xbox exclusives.
  • The PS4 has the most bang for your buck.

If you are interested you can purchase a Playstation 4, an Xbox One, or a Nintendo Switch here.