Horizon Zero Dawn – Game Review

 Machines and nature in one world

Horizon Zero Dawn is a 3rd person action adventure game developed by Guerrilla Games. You play as Aloy, a born outcast, raised by another outcast named Roth, who wants to discover who her mother is and where she came from.

  • Gameplay: Combat wise the game bring nothing new to the table. You have two weapons, a bow that fires different types of arrows like fire or explosive arrows and you also carry a spear for melee which is also used to override different machines to give you control of them as you travel throughout the world. Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world game so you can explore and do quests whenever you want.
Bow and arrow weapon
  • Graphics: The environments and character models while exploring look amazing. Some examples you will come across are forest and desert biomes. Environments have tons of little details that bring out each biome’s unique atmosphere. However, cut scenes, specifically side quest cut scenes, can make many of the characters look very robotic, which for me personally ruins some of the immersion for the world.
The beautiful environment in Horizon Zero Dawn


  • Sound: Music is tribal style with drums and chanting that makes the world much more primitive than it really is. The sounds of the environments, weapons, and machine animals are fantastic. Each different sound lets you instantly know what you are up against and brings out the environments to their absolute best.


Overall, Horizon Zero Dawn feels like many of the more recent open world games. Follow this main quest to a village and get 5 different side quests. Find the tall object and climb it to see more of the map. Very basic skill leveling system that adds minor to moderate upgrades to your damage or already known skills. However, even with the seemingly cliche nature of the gameplay, the story and world are well made and interesting to explore which keeps the game from becoming too unoriginal. You can purchase Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4.

I give Horizon Zero Dawn a 7/10.