Final Fantasy XV – Game Review

Final Fantasy XV

It’s bro time!

Final Fantasy XV is the newest console Final Fantasy game for the PS4 and Xbox One created by Square Enix. It is a real time action/adventure J-RPG that takes place in the world of Eos. You play as Noctis and travel the world with your three friends Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto to find the ancient weapons called the weapons of Lucii and reclaim the throne in Lucis.

  • Gameplay: Combat has a mix of being fast and slow action. Fast in the sense that you rush in and do several attacks quickly then slow to back off and dodge attacks. Sadly the game likes to be more slow than it does fast. This mix works well but sometimes makes the game feel sluggish and tedious.
  • Graphics: Environments are breath taking. Combat is visually complex and bright which makes combat amazing to watch even with the occasional slow downs. Some boss battles are so intense; I personally wanted to stop playing to simply enjoy the incredible detail that went into these fights.
  • Sound: The ambient sounds of the world make the world feel alive and huge. Every large step from an enemy feels powerful andĀ feels like a large battle. The music is calming yet makes you ready for an epic adventure. Mixed with the jukebox which lets you listen to many different songs from previous games; you will haveĀ hours and hours of epic songs and nostalgia.

Overall, Final Fantasy XV is a pretty game that has some shortcomings in combat that can slow the game down but still makes you want to play just to discover more of the gorgeous world Square Enix has created. You can purchase Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 and Xbox One

I give Final Fantasy XV an 8/10.