E3 – Worth keeping?

E3 Expo

Is it still worth having E3 around?

E3 has been around since 1995 and is still going strong after all these years. However, with the revelation of the internet, showing trailers and sneak peeks of upcoming games has become easier than ever. So, whats the point of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for conferences to show off trailers┬áthat can be put right on the internet for essentially free? Let’s see both sides of why E3 is worth keeping around and why it should stop.


E3 showfloor

Community is the first word that instantly comes to mind when you think of E3. What could be better than a much of video game nerds getting together to get hyped for the new upcoming games? E3 has been around long enough to become synonyms with everything video games. Like many big industries, conferences are a common occurrence to show potential customers products available for purchase or upcoming technologies. E3 is the perfect opportunity for companies to show off the newest and biggest games for the upcoming year or years to come. It also lets developers have people play test their games and see what people think of them. All and all having E3 is the perfect opportunity everyone, young and old to gather together and enjoy a medium that gets bigger every year.

End it

End E3

From a business perspective conferences are great to show off new technology but it costs a lot of money. Setting up, speakers, prototypes, and everything else needed for a conference has to be paid for and that adds up quickly. So why bother with all that time and effort when you can release a video on Youtube showing off your product. Cost wise it is much cheaper compared to holding a full blown conference. If as a business my goal is to make money, then a conference isn’t very cost effective.

The Verdict

Overall, should E3 be discontinued? In my opinion… No. For the sake of the gaming community as a whole, E3 is the Christmas of gamers who want to see the newest games and get hyped together. Personally I look forward to watching the different conferences to learn about new upcoming games, even if some are leaked before their official announcement. Sure some presentations may seem they lack in certain areas but I still get giddy every time I see the combination E3. For more information about E3 and scheduled times for presentations you can visit┬áthe E3 website.